Mermaid Entertainment

Massachusetts Mermaid Sasha - Real Mermaid Performer for hire - Mermaid for Event and Party Entertainment

Our Mermaids and Mermen provide live entertainment for events and parties in Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and anywhere you need to bring fantasy to life!

Swimming Mermaids


Having a Mermaid or Merman swimming at your event is an incredible experience.
Our Mermaids have realistic, fully swimmable, platinum cure Dragonskin silicone Mermaid tails. These tails not only look real, but feel real as well and are safe for all aquatic life. While heavy on land, the tails are neutrally buoyant in the water and allow our Mermaids to glide through the water with ease and grace. These professionally made prosthetic tails allow our Merfolk to propel themselves through the water with speed that you have to see to believe! Of course, they don't always sprint through the water, they also take their time gracefully swimming around, performing spins, dives, twists, turns, flips, and more on the surface and underwater.
Not only do our Mermaids swim in the water, they interact with guests above and under the water. They blow Mermaid bubble kisses, smile, wave, play games, and more. Some of the games you can expect are diving to find crystals, swimming through a hoop, mermaid races, handstands, flips, and more! Our Mermaids have incredible control of their facial expressions underwater. This means that their eyes are open, faces are relaxed, and lots of smiles!


Dry Mermaid Appearances


No water, no problem! Our Mermaids don't need to swim to entertain.
The moment a Mermaid is carried into an event, everyone gathers around. The kids come running as the Mermaid is placed upon her designated spot on the hall floor, upon a decorated table, inflatable clam shell, rock sculpture, or in a chair. Our Mermaid greets everyone with smiles and hugs as everyone gathers to feel how realistic her tail is. Our Mermaids answer questions about their life in the sea and hand out Mermaid Crystals in which guests can fill with their hopes, dreams, and wishes. These interactive Mermaid experiences are great for all parties and events. It is also a great photo opportunity that gets everyone excited! We also offer Mermaid Bartending, which is unique to our company. Our Mermaid will pour champagne or pre-mixed drinks and hand them out to guests.
There are so many possibilities for having Mermaids at your event.


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