Rhode Island

Mermaids for parties and events in Rhode Island

New England Mermaids provides professional Mermaids and Mermen for all kinds of parties and events in Rhode Island.
Our Mermaids all feature high quality platinum cure Dragon Skin silicone tails that not only look real, but they feel real! These tails, although heavy on land, are neutrally buoyant in the water and allow our Mermaids to gracefully glide through the water with speed and ease.
Kids love feeling how real the tails are and asking the Mermaid all kinds of questions about the sea. Do you know Ariel? Have you ever been to Mako Island? Do you get legs when you dry off? Can you do magic? Do you like eating seaweed? Our Mermaids always have a clever answer and love playing with the kids while telling stories of their ocean adventures!
Our Mermaids are available for swimming at your event or party. We can swim in chlorine pools, saltwater pools, ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, waterfalls, fountains, aquariums, canals, and much more.
Our Mermaids are trained in underwater performance. With relaxed faces, open eyes, and big smiles, our Mermaids are perfect for modeling and performing in underwater photoshoots, music videos, commercials, television, advertisements, print, and more.